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Amazing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate trailer. All weapons featured are in the game, as are all the monsters. So pumped!

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Final Fantasy Type-0 Trailer

Final Fantasy 15 Trailer

Tokyo-to Game Show 2014

One day I will get there! One day I will fly to my spiritual home of Japan and attend the Tokyo Game Show. I get nervous with excitement at all the Japanese games that get shown off. So here’s my very brief wrap up of what I’m looking forward to from the Tokyo-to Game Show.

Final Fantasy Type-0

I’ve actually already got this game. Originally released on the PSP in Japan, it never made its way over to the West. The PSP is insanely popular in Japan and with good reason. It’s a great system that show can off decent graphics and it’s super cheap to make games on. I still play mine. Type-0 is a very interesting game because it doesn’t follow the usual turn based battle system the series is known for. Instead, in this game you control a class of high school students who each have a different weapon this use in combat. The opening level is epic, featuring a dying Bahamut. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get too far into the game because of my basic bitch Japanese language skillz. Get on the hype train for this one because it’s going to be amazing! 

Final Fantasy 15

This game has been in development hell for centuries. It’s finally seeing the light of day, hopefully in the next couple of years. The combat is also mixing up the FF formula. It plays more like Kingdom Hearts then Final Fantasy 10. However that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The character designs are bland as hell, so hopefully the villains are a bit more varied. This is another obvious day one purchase for me. I’m excited but worried. I’ll post a trailer for the game laterz. 

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 

I have a real soft spot for this series. It has absolutely flourished in Japan but never really caught on in the West. Hopefully this release finally shows people how amazing this series is. It’s not an easy one to get into however. It’s very much it’s own unique world with its own rules. I am still barely scratching the surface of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP. I love the monster design and I’m sure I could sink hours into grinding, crafting and hunting. I love how you build armour from the monsters you’ve defeated and it looks like the monster. Showing off what you’ve defeated by what your wearing is basically how the gay world works. Boop. I’m definitely disappointed this isn’t on PS Vita, however there’s always a chance. 

Tales of Hearts R

To me the PS Vita should be home to almost every JRPG. Don’t get me wrong, I love sinking my teeth into an epic full screen sized adventure with amazing graphics, but I think portable gaming systems are so perfect for games that take a long time to pass. The Tales series has a really fun battle system, but the only one I’ve sunk a lot of time into is Tales of Vesperia. It had really nice graphics. This might change when Tales of Hearts R is released later this year. I think it would be perfect for on the go action. The battle system is more Tekken than Final Fantasy, not a bad thing indeed. 

Resident Evil Revelations 2

I have a big soft spot for the Resident Evil series even though 6 was a joke. I’m quietly confident in this new one being made. It looks like Capcom finally understands that some people like the creepy horror of zombies and others like shooting as many zombies as possible. With the Resident Evil series now being split into two separate sides, hopefully everyone will be happy. Revelations is focused on the more creepy, heart pounding, no ammo left side. It stars not one but two female characters, equality marches forward. Claire Redfield from the really good Dreamcast game, Resident Evil: Code Veronica. And a new female character, Barry Burton’s daughter Moira. They both have different abilities, which means they aren’t just bland copies of each other like in RE5.

SEGA Xbox game covers. Sometimes I think the last great SEGA games were on the original Xbox. The games shown here are all so underrated. Panzer Dragoon Orta is one of my favourite games of all time. Gunvalkyrie is super hard core. Shenmue 2 isn’t for everyone but the combat is really fun and there is a deep story underneath it all. Jet Set Radio Future was a defining game for me. One of the first Xbox games I got, I played it to death. It’s the sequel to one of my favourite games of all time. I have the suondtrack on my phone, it’s funky fre$h. 


Finally got my website up! Pretty simple with the prints above up for sale! Please have a look!


My amazingly talented friend finally made a website! Check it out for iconic illustrations

The Wonderful 101 (Wii U)

Nuts. Epic Rainbow Fantasy. 

Words cannot accurately describe what The Wonderful 101 actually is. You just have to play it to experience it. Is it perfect? No, definitely not. Is it amazing and showcases how much creativity lives in the soul of its creator Hideki Kamiya? Absolutely. If you own a Wii U then you simply must have this game in your collection.

The game is bursting with colour and it’s a joy just to run around the environments while all this crazy shit happens. Aliens, monsters, the usual. You command a small team of heroes that slowly grows over the course of the level. I love finding ordinary citizens but they turn out to have super powers and join your team. The game just has so much personality. I’m sick of brown-beige games. I want life. I want Japan. I want Japanese food all the time. 

The game also features something I love, epic boss battles. What do you expect from the guy who invented Devil May Cry and Baeonetta, the greatest action game of all time. The game is similar in style to Viewtiful Joe, a classic game, that features the same sort of shop menu, character design and HUD layout as The Wonderful 101.

Things can get a little chaotic at times, but it’s all part of the fun. I would save yourself some frustration and just play the game on Easy to enjoy the ride. The bottom line is, if you own a Wii U then you must own this game. 

Holy shit balls I’ve really been neglecting this tum tum, I’ve just been so swamped with uni, but that’s never a proper excuse. Anyway, here’s some more Baeonetta 2 news. I think this could be the final trailer before the game is released NEXT MONTH. I’m taking time off work for it. It looks so incredible. Forget Mario Kart 8, this is easily going to be my Game of 2014.